Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management module available on TUHUND is a comprehensive solution that caters to all the needs associated with man management.


The Calendar section consists of a Master Calendar which is used to program the complete enterprise's work timings and holidays. The master calendar may also be further divided into sub-calendars for branch specific use. A branch specific calendar may consist of timings of a branch which has different work timings than the Enterprise. Master Calendar: This is the calendar being used at the enterprise level. This calendar consists of work timings and holidays that are common to all the branches across the enterprise Exceptions: Consists the exception that have been made to branch away from the widely used Gregorian calendar to match the working calendar of the enterprise. Has the option to view and edit these exceptions. Timing: Allows the user to view the standard work timings for the calendar in use. Usage: This allows the user to view the branches of the enterprise that have been associated with the calendar and also the employees using that particular calendar. Planner View: This allows the user to switch from standard calendar view to planner view wherein the user may see the special comments associated with a particular day.


The Persons section gives the user a complete list of people associated with the enterprise with their Name, The Company they are associated with and their nationality. New Person: Allows user to add a new person to the database.


Employees consist of ERP users and non-ERP users. Non- ERP users may include cleaning staff who are a part of the enterprise but do not have the requirement to use the ERP system. This section also gives the top level of the organization the complete list of employees and their personal and employment details. This section also provides a detailed history of the employee's activity.

Attendance : The ERP administrator or HR of the organization may view and edit employee attendance by clicking on this button. Attendance is viewed branch-vise.

Add New Employee: This enables User to create a new employee. Before adding a new employee, he/she must be present in the persons list. The form will include requirement such as the employee's designation, his salary details, etc.

Clicking on any employee on the list will give his details including his employment details; his Iqama (Work Pass), passport, salary details, attendance; employee's associated documents uploaded to the ERP and his Promotion/Increment/Transfer history. This page also allows the HR or ERP Administrator manage the following: View History: This allows the HR to view the employee's activity in the ERP system. These logs may be generated automatically by the system if the employee is an ERP user. Issue Warning: The HR or administrator is capable of issuing a warning to an employee based on the severity of the offence committed by the employee. These warnings will be issued through the ERP system and the concerned user will be notified. Add Visa: The Employees visa information may be added using this. Add Policy: The Company may also have a record of the employee's insurance. This allows the user to add the employee's insurance information.


Branches display a list of all the branches that the user is entitled to view. Upon selecting a branch, the user will be able to view the branch calendar and the list of employees associated with the branch along with their designation.


The departments section allows the user to view departments associated with each branch. The new department button may be used to create a new department for a specific branch.


The Iqamas section is used to view the status of employment passes of employees not native from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A notification will be sent to the employee when his employment pass is nearing expiry. This section is automatically updated when any such employee joins the organization and is added to the ERP database. Passport Management Passport management section allows the administrator or the HR manager to keep track of the validity of the employees' passports.

Exit Visas

This section contains information about the employees' exit visas.

Leave Requests

This section allows the user to view all the leave requests made by employees. The requests may either be approved or rejected based on the request made by the employee.


The Payroll section is used to create, edit and approve payrolls of employees for each branch. This page contains two tables. The first table allows the user to view un-created salary slips for a particular time period. The second table allows the user to view payrolls that are waiting for approval. The user may choose to edit and then approve the payroll.

Driving Licenses

This section is used to keep track of the employee driving licenses.

Employee Change List

The Employee change list section allows the user to see the transfer/promotion/increment requests that are made for any employee present in the employee database. When a new employee is added into the database, his entry also waits for confirmation in this section.

Employee Insurance

This section allows the user to keep track of the various insurance policies associated with an employee.

Employee Warnings

This section allows the user to track all the warnings given out to employees.
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