Tuhund - Authentication Key Generation API

API # : 8001 | API Name : auth

This API is used to generate authentication key, that will be sent with every other API call as unique identifier, and authenticator in single string. At any point of time, by default Tuhund servers allow a maximum of 99 active authentications keys against any single authentication code. Depending on the type of application, this number can be changed. 99 failed attempts to generate authentication key with invalid authentication code blocks all requests from the originating source for a period of 24 hours.

URL : <domain>/apic/auth
Methods Allowed : POST

Request Parameters :

Name Description
key Unique authentication code given to each vendor. Authentication code is different for sandbox and production environments.

Request Headers :

Name Description
device A short name of your application. Device is mandatory but any value between 3 and 20 characters is accepted.

Sample request :

Sample success response :

Sample failure response :

Case 1: Request sent without authentication code
Parameter named “id” not sent with the request

Case 2: Invalid authentication code

Case 3: No such authentication code exists

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