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In most invoices there are many options for processing delivery but in some there is only one option “create delivery note.” Why are options different for different invoices when everything is same?

Commercial invoice register report is very detailed report which shows actual cost price (including overhead expenses) for each product in each invoice and also shows margin for each product in each invoice. We need a report with same filters and all other data same except columns of cost and margins, for our sales team who do not need to see cost and margin. Can we have this report, or can we know if it is already there?

We want sales target for salesmen as monthly and sales target for agents as quarterly. We have an understanding with agents for quarterly sales targets. We conduct quarterly meetings with each agent to access their performance. For our own employees we cannot wait for quarterly targets, we need to monitor monthly.

Is there any option to automatically logout all the employees at a particular time. I want my employees to automatically logout at 18:30, if they do not punch out before that.

We want to give branch managers access to check detailed ERP user activity logs for their respective branches without giving them access to any other admin function.

We pay our delivery people a fixed rate per kilometer for the whole day. In the morning they enter starting reading from their odometer along with a picture of the reading. In the evening after completing their deliveries for the day they again enter the reading along with picture as evidence. System should automatically calculate the amount payable for the day in ERP.

I have been using Tuhund Android App for ERP of Sakho Group. Can I somehow configure it to use it with Unik also?

While, before or after approving a quotation, proforma invoice and tax invoice, it would be very helpful if the user, particularly approver, can see ledger balance of the customer right in the record. Can this be done?

If there is no option for this, can this be done as customization for us?

Temperature sensors on our server are not working. I checked instructions and in that it was mentioned to download and install lm_sensors-3.1.1-17.el6.x86_64.rpm which I downloaded from the link


but on trying to install I am getting following error  :
warning: /tmp/lm_sensors-3.1.1-17.el6.x86_64.rpm: Header V3 RSA/SHA256 Signature, key ID fd431d51: NOKEY
error: Failed dependencies:
        libsensors.so.4()(64bit) is needed by lm_sensors-3.1.1-17.el6.x86_64
        lm_sensors-libs(x86-64) = 3.1.1-17.el6 is needed by lm_sensors-3.1.1-17.el6.x86_64

In file system watcher it is showing 1548 GB used space and 321 GB usable space for backup drive. We want to increase the space before we run out of space.

For large invoices where there are variations on item level in the accessible value in bill of entry compared to auto-calculated value based on our purchase order, entry exchange rate and other values considered by customs department, or where GST rate applied by customs department is different from what we have considered, it is difficult and time consuming to find the exact item. We often have imports with more than 2000 items in same invoice. For such large invoices we get split bill of entry. If all the values are matching, it is just few clicks to complete the import but again for such large imports all the values rarely match. Is there any shorter way to match these values? 

Please check our purchase invoice number TEMP1400. Original bills are attached. There is a difference of Rs 8 which we are not able to find where. 

When we account expense claims, we want the amount to be credited to petty cash account. Now it is credited to individual accounts for every claimer. How can we change it?

I have added a forwarding agent in global companies  pool in CRM. How do I add this company as forwarding and clearing agent?

As our number of employees is growing, it is getting harder to file EPF. Can we file EPF directly from ERP? 

Is there a reason why we post depreciation yearly. If it is posted monthly is there a problem with that?

In our old system we were not taking bonded warehouse stock into our inventory but just making journal entry. Since we have very few such transactions, this was working for us before GST but after GST even these few imports became difficult to handle. What is the correct way to do it in Tuhund ERP? We are ok if we have to make changes in our process or fine tune it but like our regular business we want to manage this too systematically.

I am planning to switch to Apple MacBook. I hope Tuhund does not have any problem working on Apple?

Commercial Invoice #: HHAG-IN11*** was accounted 
I wanted to take a sales return so deleted the record in ledger but still I cant see any changes on the Commercial Invoice #: HHAG-IN11*** 
Please suggest how to take the sales return or where we should see it?

For indent sales order to our principal, only the commission amount is posted to the books of accounts and same shows in accounts receivable. This is fine for following up for our own commission amount with the vendor and sending him bills, statements and alerts. Actual invoice amount is not accounted, which is very much correct. But how do we track payments from customer to principal. This is also very important to follow up because it is our responsibility too to see to it that this payment is cleared. Delay in this payment often delays our payments too and more than that reconciliation becomes difficult. Do we have a solution for this?

System should not even take the entry if any cash transaction is made more than 10,000. Can it be done?

1. My employees tell me that they were logged in through Mobile App but they were not showing online in ERP. 

2. I was in Nagarbhavi area yesterday and I had logged out from Mobile App, today I logged in from home but the location showing in ERP is still Nagar Bhavi. Though after that my activity showed correct location. This might be happening with employees also. Why does the app show wrong, or rather old location information?

I would also like to add that your mobile app for ERP is wonderful and it has made our work very easy but above concerns need to be addressed. 

In the purchase order we want vat to be calculated after discount amount

total amount 21260.00
special discount: 260.00
vat 5 pc 1050.00
total 22050.00

the error is vat is calculate on the total amount example 21260*5pc=1063

for reference the purchase order # SAF23647 

We have so far not enabled auto-update feature for any currency in our ERP as we are unsure if the rates will be correct as wrong rates can create problems. We want to know where Tuhund gets the exchange rates from.

I have selected the option of disallowing editing of GST Rate on sales records from admin module but GST rate is still editable in quotations, proforma invoices and tax invoices. I even tried to logout and login again but that does not help.

We have TUHUND 50 user SAAS license and all 50 licenses are allocated to our employees. Only for a few days we need up to 5 extra users to login. Is there a way to keep it at 50 users but for a few days make it 55 users? What will be the extra cost per day for these five logins?

For integration of our attendance machines with ERP your FAQ mentions instructions for two different software, Tuhund Attendance Server and Tuhund Attendance Adapter. What is the difference between the two. Which one shall we use? We need to synchronize attendance machines with ERP in real time so that as soon as somebody comes in the morning and punches in, he will show present in ERP. 

We also have three months of data in the machine already. Will this data also upload or the system will start from new records only?

I had to add same bank accounts while preparing payment vouchers for different branches of our company and it resulted in 17 accounts and in actual there are only 6 accounts. Now this effects balances in bank accounts in the system. 

In Inventory Aging Analysis there is a column for storage cost. Where is the data coming for that? There are also columns for minimum, maximum, mean, median, mode and standard deviation. Does storage cost influence them?

In almost all reports of accounts receivable we have a column for finance cost. On what basis is this finance cost calculated?

  1. What is the purpose of having ID when there is WBS and vice versa?
  2. I updated few tasks as 100% completed but they are still showing in my ERP home page. Why are they still there?
  3. Do I have to upload documents inside task page or in project?

We have arranged customers in different groups and set credit time limit in terms of days for each group. We have also set credit limit on amount for each customer. We have set locking of invoice on exceeding any of the two limits. Sometimes when customer fails to make payment but specially requests to allow some invoices, we have to go and change his group. This is not a problem as it is quite easy. Our problem arises because often, after raising that exceptional invoice, we forget to move the customer to original group. With the result we leave the customer with the changed credit terms. Is there a way that system will automatically move the customer back to the original group after invoice has been created?

Where will indent sales show in our balance sheet?

How will it appear in GST reports?

Do we have to show Indent Sales in GST?

  • From April 1, 2019 trial for new Single GST Return will start. Only one GST return will have to be filed by the Tax Payer.
  • Input Tax Credit (ITC) for the finalcial year 2017-2018 can now be claimed up to the due date for filing of GSTR-3B for March 2019
  • GSTR-9, 9A and 9C filing due date has been extended to 30th June, 2019
  • In the event of failure to file GST Returns consecutively for two tax periods, e-way bill will be locked. You will not be able to generate e-way bills.
  • Late fee has been waived off for those filing GSTR-1 / 3B / 4 for the months / quarters from July, 2017 to September, 2018 between 22nd December 2018 and 31st March 2019.
  • Interest will now be calculated on the Net tax liability arrived after deducting Input tax credit.
  • GST Rate cuts were announced for some more goods and services such as TV sets, gaming consoles, cameras, movie tickets, third party vehicle insurance and so on.

There are 22 records in commission payables showing lock icon in place of post button. What is the reason for that?

We need to check consumption pattern of customers for different products as well as more detailed report for any product as a drill down. 

We want to add some services in POS. For example cable TV subscription. As of now we can raise invoice for cable TV subscription only from browser and mobile app, not from POS. If we could make these invoices through POS, that would be very helpful.

Now there are very limited topics and one can browse through all easily, but when the number of topics increases, this portal will be very useful only if search option is added. I also think there should be like and dislike option for replies so that everybody knows what content is best to read and follow. Anyhow, this is great effort. Keep it up.

As of now our Balance Sheet is properly configured for compliance and approved by our CA. But management has a different requirement from Balance Sheet. They want to be able to use it as a control tool in real time as all the financial data is already there. How can we configure balance sheet to meet the compliance requirement as well as be useful to the management as a tool. For filing, balance sheet as well as PNL is organized under different legal entities and we have proper drill down to get balance sheet of entire organization, a particular legal business entity (company) or a branch. For management this division is not important. They need to see the classification across entities but under different dimensions.

Can we do it ourselves without help from Tuhund support so that we can do it on continual basis as and when required?

We want to get all sales records, i.e Quotations, Proforma Invoices, Tax Invoices and Indent Orders for a particular machine given to one group of companies from all our branches from 2010. How can we get this report easily.

When we add the delivery charges in Tax Invoice system is taking highest GST rate from the items in the invoice and applying same on the delivery charges. This is happening in both Website as well as in the POS Software. For some invoices highest rate is just 5%, while we are paying flat 18% GST to courier companies. Should the system not take 18% GST on delivery charges in Tax Invoice also?

Some ledgers take long time to load. Right now when we click on any ledger, it loads from the starting of financial year. For most ledgers it is good and they load in fraction of a second. But some ledgers like sales ledger which has thousands of entries for same day, page takes too long to load. Can we change to show one day by default and if we want we will change the date.

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