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1. We have put all HR-related documents like policies in one repository. Can we share links with all employees to refer to them as and when they need them?

2. In the repository there is only the option to download the files. There is no option to view the files in the browser. 


  • Add module management of manpower supplied by human resource / labour contractors with auto calculation of effort, time and payment management.
  • Added option of minimum wages.
  • Added option of categorization of overtime for both regular employees and workers.
  • Added several new filters in shipment delivery orders.
  • Added options of one click auto rectification of mismatch due to human errors in shipment delivery orders.
  • Added fields for tracking additional master record data in service requests.
  • Added swp ID (Service with product) in the services item objects in shipping cart order API response JSON.
  • Added new options in payroll policies.
  • Added option of direct capture of photos and headshots for employees using web-cams. This option is particularly useful for induction of factory workers.
  • Introduced auto-jump option in the Tuhund User App. This takes the users directly into the screen where they are needed most.

For some of our large customers, the system is automatically charging TCS. For most such customers it is fine. It is happening for only a few. What could be the reason and how can it be fixed?

  • Updated bulk insert of leads through excel file upload. Now, a wide range of field names can be used for the same data fields so that files exported from media like Facebook and LinkedIn, etc do not need to be manually fixed before upload. Files can be tested before the actual posting of data. 
  • Updated bulk insert of contact form queries through excel file upload. Now, a wide range of field names can be used for the same data fields so that files exported from media like Facebook and LinkedIn, etc do not need to be manually fixed before upload. Files can be tested before the actual posting of data. 
  • Added bulk Excel upload option for line items for delivery notes. Products can be identified by Product ID, SKU ID, Product Number or Part Number.
  • Added option of bulk removal of line items from delivery note. 
  • Added option of bulk upload of Delivery Orders through Excel File. 

We have a select list of customers. Just about 8 to 10. We want to block the system from auto-emailing ledger statements to them. For all other customers, it should be normal.

  • Updated search logic for inventory location search making it even more versatile and faster. Split input boxes for location dimensions and products. Added logic of comma-separated dimension searches in location list page similar to location select dropdown, which was done much earlier. 
  • Added 4 new security rights, related to the documentation, along with the associated functionality
  1. VDOCIP - Verify completion of documentation for invoices containing products
  2. VDOCIS - Verify completion of documentation for invoices containing spares
  3. VDOCDP - Verify completion of documentation for delivery notes containing products
  4. VDOCDS - Verify completion of documentation for delivery notes containing spares
  • Changed CSV upload of attendance records from isolated devices to asynchronous mode to reduce server load and user experience. 
  • Changed default auto-complete status of auto-processed commercial invoices to "Delivery Completed. Not Printed."
  • Added product images in RFQ (request for quote) excel export files. 
  • Separated VAT reports for Saudi Arabia from general VAT reports in order to meet the specifications set by ZATCA
  • Enabled document completeness check lock for Proforma Invoices.
  • Added stock errors and warnings section under inventory to highlight possible manual errors based on history and trends comparison.
  • Fixed overflow issue of the number to words conversion in Arabic for large amounts. This issue affected only amounts exceeding 10 million.
  • Moved Third Party API access and control to Admin Panel (from Implementation admin panel). Added two new security functions to control the access :
    1. APIM - Manage Third Party API Access and Properties
    2. APIV - Monitor Third Party API Activity reports and logs
  • Made status labels of Commercial Invoices and other records dynamic and editable.
  • Updated logic of email indexing. New logic has considerably improved the loading speed of email lists, search results and email messages.
  • Updated dynamic field selection function in customer notifications for email and SMS.
  • Added more fields in Email and SMS templates of Delivery Orders, Service Requests and Cart Order Types, 
  • Added new report under HR module. The report consists attendance of employees between freely selectable dates grouped by employees. It shows details of all shifts in the day separately as well as first in / last out and total duration worked in the day. It shows leaves, holidays and how each punch in / punch out was marked. This report can be exported to excel and is intended to be useful for deeper analysis. 
  • Added date (from and to) filter in purchase returns list page.
  • Improved search function in location selector in Inventory.
  • Added onclick vendor filter option in purchase returns list page.
  • Made discussion section enabled by default in purchase invoice
  • Added closure confirmation stage in Delivery Notes with mandatory document attachment check
  • Added new features in packing lists associated with commercial invoices and delivery notes
  • Improved loading speed of commercial invoices and delivery notes, even with enhanced and added features
  • Updated PDF generator to handle issues with alignment of RTL languages.
  • Introduced option of auto conversion of numbers from English alphabet to Arabic, Urdu and Persian, along with formatting differences.
  • Introduced option of dual language for the items table, for codes and values like price, quantity, amount, HS Code, VAT rate, VAT amount and so on.

PS: This update was done to meet the latest regulations of e-Invoicing from ZATCA (Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. https://zatca.gov.sa/


Links in SMS messages originating from Tuhund, all use shortened URL automatically from tuhund. Can we use the same service for other purposes like social media and for QR codes on our product catalogs? 

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We have been working from home last one month and we did not think about attendance. Our management wants to record attendance and allow employees to mark their own attendance from the mobile phone just like they punch in through the attendance device. Is there an option? 

The want Daily Bank Reconciliation record email to finance AGM directly from ERP. 

From April 1 we are supposed to change any HSN or SAC code to minimum of 6 digits. Is there a fast way of doing this?

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We want our sales people to be able to see the stock of entire organization even for the branch they have no other access to. How to we do that?

We want to disable manual escalation of Quotations and Proforma Invoices. Right now users with low level approval rights have the option to escalate the Quotations and Proforma Invoices if they do not fall under their approval limits. Escalate button also shows to these users if they can approve themselves but do not want to take the call and instead escalate it to higher level. Many people are simply escalating everything. We want to take out the button totally and let the system handle this automatically. What system is automatically doing is perfect. We just want to prevent users from doing it. 

Sometimes we need to make special case when boss tells us not to deduct salary for someone when he is absent. Can we do that without changing rules that we have set for attendance? 

There is no images section in the marketing campaign page. I just created a new campaign in ERP and wanted to upload images used in the body. 

We are ready to start giving access to some of our customers to the customer portal. Before moving on, we need the following clarifications :

1. Is there any limit on the number of customer accounts? In case there is a limit, can the limit be extended?

2. Can there be multiple accounts for different users of same company? If yes, can their access be controlled individually?

3. Is there a way of known which customer, rather which user of which customer, has logged in at what time?


Hi. I have joined as partner for Zambia last week. My team is ready to start marketing. We need some guidance on what type of companies to target first. 

We know you can run e-commerce on top of Tuhund. We want to know how we can do that. Will there be any limitations compared to other websites? 

We have a peculiar problem and want to see if ERP can be customized to handle this requirement. We print QR code labels through Tuhund because printing with printer software is not practical for such a high number of records. For the bins containing single item, there is no problem and ERP is printing correctly with big and bold font for the part number. But for the bins where we have multiple items in the same bin, ERP is printing only the first product’s part number. We would really appreciate if ERP could print up to 5 part numbers in one label and adjust font size also accordingly. That is, if there is a single item in the bin, then we need big font so that part number covers entire label which is left after QR code. If there are five items, ERP should fit all five in the same space. We have multiple label sizes but for these bins that have compartments, we use a fixed label size 100 mm * 40 mm. 

We need ERP customized as soon as possible as we want to do a stock audit in a week and half of our bins to not even have QR code labels because of this reason. If this customization can be done, how long will this ERP customization take?


I have noticed it first time that BI Dashboard keeps auto refreshing and charts keep showing latest information. It is really a great feature. We can just keep dashboard open on one of the systems.

I would like to have the data for the individual customers.

Total claims made by the engineers against to their visit in last three years .(2017-18,2018-19,2019-20)

Should ERP not prevent users from adding same items from same commercial invoices to credit notes?

It seems there is a maximum limit of 1 million on the amount that employees can request for advance salary. This is not a big amount in TSH and mostly requests will be bigger than this. Is there any way we can keep it dynamic? I mean can it be different for different employees? Otherwise can it be automatically linked to the salary. For example up to on month of the salary can be requested as advance? 

Sometimes we receive free of cost goods from our foreign vendors as replacement against warranty or sample items. We do not have to pay anything to the vendor but custom duty and GST is charged as usual. How can we do this in system?

I can see a number of parameters based on which invoice numbers are generated. In those there is also an option of including month in invoice prefix and quotation prefix, etc. Is there any value or reason why anybody would need month included in Invoice prefix? I want to know just to be sure we are not missing out on anything valuable. 

One thing I have noticed so far is that Tuhund is vast. It has so many features and so many options that it is impossible to know about all or even remember all. Every time when I think now we are using it fully, I discover more features that are very useful.

We want to set different rules for purchase order approval based on total amount.

If amount of PO for (Spare Part) is less than INR 50,000, approval from GM is not required. Approval required only from Finance Manager.

If amount of PO is greater than INR 50,000, so first approval from finance manager & second approval from GM

I have seen in Inquiry you have a section for comments which is used for internal discussion regarding that inquiry. We have a similar requirement in purchase order. Can this function be added in purchase order?

I recall seeing option of adding services that are automatically added along with products. If I correctly remember this option was in the product category screen where we can select these services. Now I am not able to find this option.

I want to know if Tuhund ERP automatically saves internal chat conversations between employees and where can we see these conversations in future. Is there a search option to search for conversation regarding certain topic? Just like all email conversations and SMS regarding inquiry are attached to the same inquiry, can chat conversations also be attached? This will be a very good function in ERP if it is possible.

If we have RFQ in USD, can we change it to Euro while recording vendor quotation? 

In Inventory Aging Analysis report there is a column for storage cost. It is showing 0 for all the items. Do we need to enable it somewhere?

In PDF Templates section there is a type advance request and another type advance note. What is the difference between the two? Which one is related to the advance requisition from employees for expenses?

Firstly I must congratulate you. Tuhund is really the best ERP. With so many modules and so many features but still very simple and easy. Other ERPs are not even close. It has just been slightly over a month since we have started using and we are already feeling now we cannot work without Tuhund. 
One of the best features that we liked is how you seamlessly and automatically maintain revision of quotations. My query is, when a quotation is not a revision but first draft, system is automatically hiding revision number in PDF documents but the label Version stays. It is like :
Quotation Number : 1234 Revision
Is there a way to hide this Revision label also so that it becomes as follows :
Quotation Number : 1234
Quotation Number : 1234 Revision : 1
Quotation Number : 1234 Revision : 2

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If we enable sending of SMS automatically to customers when tax invoice is created, will it send invoice amount to the customer or total balance?

We want sales staff of zones to be able to view and work on inquiries, quotations, proforma invoices, sales orders and commercial invoices of each other within same marketing zones but not of their zone managers. Zone manages should be able to view all records of all employees within marketing zone but neither manages nor other staff of one zone should be able to view any data of other zones. Can we do this in our CRM module?

Before Tuhund we had 11 isolated systems for our two companies and their branches. We have several customers who were customers for more than one branches and therefore had entries in multiple systems. Now after migrating data from old systems to Tuhund ERP, we have several cases of duplicate customers in master records, many with slight difference in names. How do we delete duplicate customers?

We are entering opening balances using the form shown by Mr. Abhishek. System has created sub-ledger with name balancing account automatically. We have no such ledger in our old system. Why has Tuhund created this ledger? Is it required and will this not show as mismatch compared to our old accounting system?

I know I have been told this several times, but could you once again explain the difference between cost price and unit value in inventory. Where does cost price show and where does value show other than the reports in inventory where both show side by side. Why do we need two values at all when in our system 90% of the items both values are same?

When we elevate proforma invoice to indent order we get option to choose exchange rate between exchange rate in proforma invoice or current exchange rate where we can choose one of them. We need option to enter exchange rate manually because we use a fixed rate for reporting which we revise ourselves from time to time. For example current USD rate is 71.74, but we want to put 70.00 for all indent orders till we decide to change this rate. When we pay commission to our staff and agents, we use this rate not the actual exchange rate.

 I would like to know if we can print sticker labels with ERP. Since we already have all the information and data of our fixed assets, particularly computers and laptops in ERP, it will be easier for us jut to be able to print through ERP.

Can we use thermal transfer barcode printer for this. We do not need barcode in the label, but just want to use same printer.

Tuhund support has full access to our system and so far we have not had any issues with it. Now our principal has raised objections as our data is highly sensitive. They want to know why this access is needed even after a long times has passed since implementation.

We have some quotations already approved but there is no elevate button. How do we process these quotations further?

In most invoices there are many options for processing delivery but in some there is only one option “create delivery note.” Why are options different for different invoices when everything is same?

Commercial invoice register report is very detailed report which shows actual cost price (including overhead expenses) for each product in each invoice and also shows margin for each product in each invoice. We need a report with same filters and all other data same except columns of cost and margins, for our sales team who do not need to see cost and margin. Can we have this report, or can we know if it is already there?

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