Tuhund - Register Delivery Note API

API # : 8035 | API Name : registerdn

This API is used to register a delivery note / delivery challan in Tuhund.

URL : <domain>/apic/registerdn
Methods Allowed : POST

Register Delivery Note API and all similar API like Quotation, Proforma Invoice, Inquiry, Purchase Order, RFQ, Purchase Invoice and Leads, etc can be used to register new records during mormal working or old records at the time of data entry into the system. Payload for both are slightly different. For the real time entry all entities like customer, address, product, record type and tax type will be identified only with their respective ID. However, for the old data entry ID or the names can be used.

Payload Schema :

Sample Payload for Real Time entry :

companyid or companynumber, any one of the two can be provided in payload.

Sample Payload for old record :

Request Headers :

Name Description
device A short name of your application. Device is mandatory but any value between 3 and 20 characters is accepted.
Authentication Authentication code generated for API call.

Sample success response :

Sample failure response :

Case 1: Mandatory fields missing

Case 2: Unspecified database error