Tuhund - Server Date and Time API

API # : 8002 | API Name : time

The practical utility of this API may not be much, but this is the simplest API and it is very helpful to try this API before attempting any other API. This API expects no parameters or payload. It expects only two headers, which are also required by all other API.

This API is also important because all errors possible for this API are also possible for every other API. Therefore, sample failure response codes shown in this API (this page) will not be repeated in other API docs.

URL : <domain>/apic/time
Methods Allowed : POST

Request Headers :

Name Description
device A short name of your application. Device is mandatory but any value between 3 and 20 characters is accepted.
Authentication Authentication code generated for API call.

Sample request :

Sample success response :

Sample failure response :

Case 1: Authentication code missing in the request

Case 2: Wrong method

Case 3: Authentication code expired

Case 4: Authentication code expired

Case 5: Authentication code expired

Case 6: Corrupt or invalid Authentication code

Case 7: Calling address mismatch

Case 8: Runtime error on server side

Case 9: Unhandled server size exceptions